Big Laguna Trail


It’s hard to properly encapsulate Switzerland in just 10 photos, for it really is a place beautiful beyond words. Those of you out there who have been lucky enough to explore this glorious country, will agree when I say you truly do need to experience this part of the world first hand. For no photo, or story, or blog post will ever suffice and so our only advice is to just go there.

We were lucky enough to spend 2 wonderful weeks in this country, our last destination before England. We also had the pleasure of staying with close friends of ours, the Nüeschs at their home in Zurich.

Now this was my (Mel) third time to Switzerland, but Adam’s first time to Europe, so not only was I keen to see new places, but I was looking forward to taking Adam back to those I’d remembered and loved.

Apart from relaxing (and enjoying the comforts of being in a house), we spent our time eating bratwurst, riding bikes around lakes and driving through villages in the Swiss Alps. Now if plans allow us, we should be back there mid-August, because even though it’s a small country (much smaller than the US) there is SO much to see.


Cody Cobb


Sincerely, Kinsey


. by Alicia Carrera on Flickr.


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Mt. Tamalpais Meadow by cornfedcutie451 on Flickr.


untitled by elias.and.theresa.carlson on Flickr.